Let us scan your truck and we’ll give you $100.

Live in the Cincinnati area and own one of the trucks listed in the form below? Great! Submit your info and we’ll be in touch:
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Do you live in the Cincinnati area and own one of these truck models?

F150 (2015-2023, 5' or 6' Bed, Crew Cab)
1500 (2009-2023, 6' Bed, Crew Cab)
Canyon (2015-2022, 5' Bed, Crew Cab)
Sierra 1500 (2019-2024, 6' Bed, Crew Cab)
R1T (2019-2023, 4.5' Bed, Crew Cab)
Colorado, (2015-2022,5' Bed, Crew Cab)
Frontier (2022-2023, 5' Bed, Crew Cab)
Colorado, (2015-2022,5' Bed, Crew Cab)

Yes? Great! Please fill out the form above for an opportunity to have us professionally 3D-scan your truck – We’ll even give you $100 dollars for your time. 

Talk With Build Specialist
How this works

Once you fill out the form above, we’ll be in touch to schedule a time for you to bring your truck into our shop in Cincinnati, Ohio. Each scan takes a few hours, so feel free to drop your truck off or hang out at the shop with us. Up to you!

What you get in exchange

$100 + a free 3D-scan of your truck.

Why we’re doing this

We tailor every Hardsider product to fit specific truck makes and models. By letting us scan your truck, you get to help us create amazing, custom, future builds. Plus, we love an opportunity to meet more cool people in our community.