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Ecoflow is revolutionizing portable power solutions, ensuring adventurers never run out of battery. Synonymous with reliability and innovation, their range of products promises to keep you powered up, regardless of where your travels take you.
Designed to be different.

Exclusively designed for SUVs, HardTent is more than just a rooftop tent—it’s your rooftop sanctuary. Every HardTent comes with our custom sleep system, including the Froli sleep grid and our POE mattress. Set up camp in seconds, and stay warm and dry so you are all rested for the next day’s adventures. Imagine the comfort of the indoors and the excitement of being immersed in nature, all perched on top of your SUV.

Set up in seconds
No tucking
Origami tech

A world of tech, all in one fold.

HardTent’s folding shell means you get the comfort and security of a hard-sided camper, on top of your SUV. Our patented Origami tech means the tent opens in one step—no adjusting, closing, securing, or fiddling. Once opened, HardTent gives you unbelievable headroom, allowing multiple people (or pets) to fit in the space comfortably.


Built tough, bends to your needs.

HardTent’s hybrid HardWalls mean the best of both worlds. The folding shell provides you the comfort and security of a hard-sided camper, with the efficiency and handling of a folding one.

Go without the drag

More efficient than a traditional rooftop tent.

With an emphasis on slim build, HardTent minimizes drag, ensuring optimal performance and fuel efficiency on the road.

Design – Manufacturing
Designed to be different.

We want you to have peace of mind, knowing that your investment is protected and customizable to your specific needs.

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