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What makes Hardsider’s manufacturing stand out?

Each Hardsider is assembled in Cincinnati, OH. They're constructed entirely of aluminum for durability and weight savings, with no rivets or wood. We are 3D scanning every truck make and model to guarantee a perfect fit and seamless integration with your vehicle (and don’t worry, if you’re changing vehicles, all you have to do is swap the rack).

Why choose HardWalls over conventional tent materials?

HardWalls provide exceptional security and four-season weather resistance.. Unlike traditional tents that flap in the wind and struggle with dampness, our Hardwalls provide sound isolation and robust protection against all weather (and you don't have to worry about soft-sided camper restrictions in bear season). The tent also opens and closes in seconds—no tucking or folding required.

How do you tackle insulation and condensation?

Keeping our campers thermally insulated yet lightweight is a challenge we faced head-on. We avoid thermal bridging by using material strategies and insulation, plus every camper comes with a dual air intake system to circulate fresh air throughout the cabin.

Can you summarize Hardsider's manufacturing process?

Absolutely! Our process uses a blend of advanced manufacturing techniques, including computer numerated control (CNC). From custom extrusions to sewing the shell and creating each rack with 3D scanning, we ensure every Hardsider is built with attention to precision.

How does Hardsider remain dust-free and waterproof?

Unlike many campers that rely on standard automotive gaskets, we use integrated gaskets to prevent dust and water leaks. Our design ensures that even under pressure, the elements are kept where they belong—outside.

What’s unique about the sleep system in Hardsider?

We use a sleep grid system that provides a flexible, supportive base for our mattress. By elevating the mattress by 1.5 inches, we ensure air circulation, keeping the sleeping area dry and breathable. On top, we've placed our own engineered mattress for a perfect fit and perfect sleep.

We're excited for what's unfolding and can't wait to bring more adventure into your lives.

Want to learn more? Stay tuned for updates, and feel free to reach out with any questions!