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If you were there, you already know...

Expo West was insane.

We drove (from Cincinnati to Flagstaff), we camped, made new friends, and geeked out over all of the cool rigs and gear. And of course, we got to show you all the real deal: HardCamp, up close and personal.

But the coolest part, aside from getting to meet many of you, was meeting some of the biggest names of the industry and seeing just how much they loved and got excited about HardCamp.

It felt like our years of research, design, and testing were validated. And the feedback from attendees and experts far surpassed our expectations.

For three days straight, the conversations didn't stop, and we’ve been riding that wave ever since.

Bummed you missed it?

Come meet us June 28th - 30th at Overland Expo Pacific Northwest! We’ll be at booth B725.

And if you’re ready to build your own Hardcamp, Book a call with Rabi now.

Installs are booked through August, so act fast to secure a September build date.Talk soon, The Hardsider Crew