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On the road to adventure.

Our journey began with an 8am departure from Cincinnati, convoying with Jane in the Tacoma with prototype 01, Noel in the Tundra with prototype 02, Eric in the Sprinter/support vehicle, and Shay in his GTI to film the journey.

Highlights and Revelations

We made it to our first show with trucks, campers, and our Hardsider crew! We appreciate all the fantastic convos and compliments shared.

Comments like… “These are prototypes?! These are some amazing prototypes then” confirmed we were on the right track.

The campers handled the road with ease, and gas stations became mini showrooms.

We handed out t-shirts and swag to share our nerdy, over-engineered, but approachable vibe.

The Ecoflow systems received only thumbs-ups, and our design for rainy weather stood strong.

Catch a glimpse of the adventure.

Are you curious to see how it all went down? Watch our video above to see how everything unfolded at Expo East.